I picked up XCOM 2 earlier this month as part of the Humble Monthly Bundle.

You can sub to the monthly thing here and I’ll get monies!

I’ve had the first one since forever but never played it and got an itch to do this one for some reason.

Managed to fail the first mission the first go round but eventually made it through. What really surprises me is the customization options you have in setting up your squads. I’d seen in the past when friends played and cast their squads with twitter followers (something I did after the first mission)c4he5-qwcaas21fand it puts me in a spot where I’m sure it’s going to dramatically affect how I play. Like…Kato is a great guy. He’s a good friend and I don’t want to see him on the business end of some punk-ass alien rifle. So I’m going to do what I can to keep him alive. That means I’m not just throwing bodies at an objective to when a mission….which is what I’d normally do.

I’ve only gotten through the first mission but I’m excited to see how the story progresses.

You want to be on my squad? HIT ME UP SOS I CAN KILL YOU!