Let me start this with this:

Love this game. It’s got a lot going for it.

But I’d like to see some tweaks.


I mentioned in this week’s playlist that I got a lot better at flying over my staycation, so let’s start there.


  • Persistent lock on enemy
    • Gets rid of the need to hold down the left trigger to target specific ships in a field
    • An off-screen indicator would help you to follow through with dogfighting
    • Facilitates rivalries in sessions
  • X-Wing and A-Wing shields shouldn’t be power up cards
    • The pros/Cons of the X-Wing having shields are known so I won’t go into that but if it’s going to be an option, I think it should be a permanent thing, baked into your health. Or let them deplete and recharge on their own…either way, it seems off
  • Power Up Card customization
    • I’d love to have an ion torpedo on a TIE when I see my opponent has shields up or, if I have to have shields in a power-up slot, I could put something better in there. I forget to use shields 100% of the time
  • Falcon and Slave 1 feel really over powered
    • I got and held the Falcon for nearly half a game and was basically unstoppable
  • Let’s move this upstairs
    • Ability to land in capital ships and man their turrets


  • I feel like the Rebels need an AT-ST equivalent because it seems like every time I turn around, one of those chicken walkers are bearing down on me
  • Ability to lay prone
    • I also want this to break the lock for the homing shot
  • Crouching and using the scope/sights increase accuracy
  • Most of the weapons feel the same to me
    • Mostly just rate of fire seems to be different
    • Might not be paying enough attention to this…
  • Card system feels clunky
    • I feel like this actually slows the game down…the pacing seems off because of it
    • I’m not sure how to fix this, but it’s a thing
  • Show snipers more love
    • We’ve got these HUGE, wide open maps…either make a dedicated sniper weapon or retool the Pulse Rifle
  • Close quarters map action
    • There’s a modified Jawa weapon that’s pretty much a shotgun that I’ll never use because I’ll never get close enough to use it

But like I said before….I love this game. I’ve played a goodly amount and will continue to do so! It just feels like DICE tried too hard to make Battlefront not be like Battlefield. And I wonder if that was the right direction.

What do you guys think of it? What would you like to see in patches and DLC?