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Citizen Log #6

Happy New Year all! I hope your holidays were relaxing and enjoyable.

Fancy NotAnNPC is FANCY
On my way up to the bar to ring in the New Year.

With CIG being on break since my last post we haven’t seen any changes to PTU but they’re back today so hopefully we see a patch in a day or two.

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Citizen Log #5

It’s the day after Christmas, PTU is humming along, and Luminalia’s 12 days of gifts are done, They were pretty amazing.

If you missed it, go get them! If you don’t have an account, use this link to get a referral bonus (I’ve already got my referral bonus Argo Cargo so no pressure)! You have till January 10th to grab them all. They’ll sit in your hangar forever and if you hop in one day for a free fly or get nuts and buy a starter package, they’ll be there wand waiting in your inventory.

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Playlist 12/14/15

Here’s what my jam last week was.

  • Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)
  • Fallout 4 (PS4)
  • Star Citizen (PC)
  • Space Engineers (PC)

Vacation week is over! It was a really great week. I’m off this Thursday and Friday though.

I finally got the hang of dog fighting in Battlefront and started actually placing in the top 3 for my team. I also got the chance to play with a friend. Battlefront has a partner mechanic. It lets you spawn next to them if you’re playing infantry and they’re highlighted and always visible to you. The game usually just pairs you with someone random but if you have a friend in the match you can specify them as your partner. There’s no VOIP in  game but you can start up a chat party and pow…now you can talk to your wing man. And that makes a WORLD of difference. Someone on your tail you can’t shake? Call the wing man. Otherwise you’ll Porkins all over the place.

Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 released to everyone this weekend! Spent Sunday morning downloading the update. It was pretty big. I’m scared to look and see just how much space this thing is taking up already….and it’s nowhere near done. I only had time to spend an hour or so with it. I checked out the station some and then had to go back through the basic flight tutorial because man I suck. I’ll post more in depth stuff when I get more time with it. But for now it’s looking pretty sweet. I watched a bunch of twitch streamers when the Alpha first released to a limited group. It was buggy but it looked amazing.

I also owe you guys a Space Engineers post….I’m thinking of starting over cause I’m in a pretty hopeless situation and I made it a lot worse over the course of last week.

That’s it for me for now. I have a couple of things I want to write up but I have a good bit of actual work to take care of before the Holidays steal me away.

What are you playing?

Playlist 11/30/15

Here’s what I played last week!

  • Elite: Dangerous
  • Space Engineers
  • Star Citizen


That’s right. I now have Star Citizen. I picked up one of the discounted starter packages sold for the release anniversary.  I wasn’t able to get a lot of play time on it. I’m still working through the basic tutorial. Having a hard time getting adjusted to the control scheme and my joystick seems to be a little bit more unforgiving in SC than it is in Elite. Unless I can figure out how to configure the deadzone in SC, I might have to go keyboard and mouse for it.

Regardless, it’s a pretty gorgeous game and I’m excited seeing all the 2.0 PTU stuff that’s happened over the past week. It’s going to be huge when it’s done.

Have any questions about these games? Have a suggestion for something I should look at? Let a note in the comments!