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Mission Log 29

It’s been a piece of time since my last Mission Log. I took a good sized break from Elite. Looking at my screenshot time stamps, there’s a gap from September till mid December.

But I’ve been back at it for a couple of weeks and some things have been rekindled. So we’ll see if I can’t get my lazy ass updating again.

For one, I’m now in a Fer-De-Lance and I’m absolutely in love.

When I sat down tonight and went through the steps to buy it and start upgrading, I felt like kicking myself. I had the money to do this for a while. Because after loading her up, I’ve still got 19 million in the bank. Ah, well. We’re here now!

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Mission Log 3

Well this mission log makes up for the last one in SPADES!!

For starters, I streamed the session. Don’t really think anyone was watching…but I streamed it none the less! When I do it again, watch my twitter for the announcement. Or, you can find and follow me on twitch.tv/kameco.

Bounties was the name of the game tonight and while there were some lulls in the fights, I managed to make off with over 232K in profit! AND NO DEATHS!!! I played it smarter. No big ships (unless other NPCs were fighting it too) and no wanted ships with 2 other wing mates.

If I can stick to those rules, I might just make it in this topsy turvy universe.

Snapped this waiting for more contacts to show up at the Nav Buoy.

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And check out what showed up!!! It’s not a great pic…but every time I got close to it, I was afraid of running into it.


That’s a Fer-de-Lance! That’s the the fundraising goal at the bottom of the site is for. 481,401 credits down…many, many millions yet to go.


Greetings, Starfighter!

Welcome to this little corner of the web. Here I’ll chronicle my journey through Elite: Dangerous, a gorgeous space simulator, that let’s you pilot an awesome range of ships with varying abilities and options. On the site’s main page, You’ll see a thermometer. That’s how close I am to being able to afford the purchase and insurance of a Fer-de-Lance, a pretty cool looking ship! I got a ways to go! I’ve only just started and my target amount is over 54 million bucks.

I’m currently in an Eagle MK II which is just a step above the starting Sidewinder. You can see a pic of my Eagle in the header image of the site! Whenever I make a change to the ship I’m currently flying, I’ll be sure to update that.

Now that I’m in an Eagle, I’ve started doing proper bounty hunting. I cleared a little over 100K last night. On of the steps to my end goal is to get myself out of a fighter and into a decent freighter to do some rare item trading. The reason is two fold. I’m hoping I’ll be able to extend some of the trade routes to also increase my Explorer rank while I’m making good money.  I’ll be in the Eagle for a long while as a good freighter will set me back anywhere from 1-17 million. I have to decide between a Type-6 or a Type-7. There are pros and cons to both…but I have a while before I have to figure that out.

I’ll try my best to post a recap of what happens after every time I play. For a while, though, they’re probably going to be pretty boring. :p

I’ll also be sure to update my funds to goal thermometer. I got around 100k in there now but my goal is so high you can barely tell…