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Mission Log 61

Big updates. Both in game…and here!

Conveyor getting the goods

Fleet Carriers are live in the game, mining is still a big money maker, and I’ve had a bunch of changes since the last time I updated the blog.

There’s so much here I’m not even sure where to begin. I’ve updated the about page with a new PC set up and I redid my ships of the line to be a little cleaner. There have been a bunch of changes in my life lately and with all the bologna in the world, I’m feeling like I need an outlet or something. Just something to make and put into the world? I’m not sure. But I figured I have this blog…it has a history, why not pick it back up again? But more on that later. I’m still figuring out what I want to do with this space.

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Mission Log 29

It’s been a piece of time since my last Mission Log. I took a good sized break from Elite. Looking at my screenshot time stamps, there’s a gap from September till mid December.

But I’ve been back at it for a couple of weeks and some things have been rekindled. So we’ll see if I can’t get my lazy ass updating again.

For one, I’m now in a Fer-De-Lance and I’m absolutely in love.

When I sat down tonight and went through the steps to buy it and start upgrading, I felt like kicking myself. I had the money to do this for a while. Because after loading her up, I’ve still got 19 million in the bank. Ah, well. We’re here now!

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Mission Log 10

Hey it’s my 10th mission log!

Spent some time in the cockpit last night collecting bounties. Didn’t make a whole bunch of money. I’m thinking of heading back to where I started. I earned good money in the Freng system. I’m not sure where I am anymore….

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Playlist 11/30/15

Here’s what I played last week!

  • Elite: Dangerous
  • Space Engineers
  • Star Citizen


That’s right. I now have Star Citizen. I picked up one of the discounted starter packages sold for the release anniversary.  I wasn’t able to get a lot of play time on it. I’m still working through the basic tutorial. Having a hard time getting adjusted to the control scheme and my joystick seems to be a little bit more unforgiving in SC than it is in Elite. Unless I can figure out how to configure the deadzone in SC, I might have to go keyboard and mouse for it.

Regardless, it’s a pretty gorgeous game and I’m excited seeing all the 2.0 PTU stuff that’s happened over the past week. It’s going to be huge when it’s done.

Have any questions about these games? Have a suggestion for something I should look at? Let a note in the comments!

Mission log 9

Took a break from my Space Engineers debacle to get some flight time in Elite last night. The first hour was pretty low key. I flew my Type-6 around some star systems earning 10-20k for delivering some stuff. The biggest payoff of the night was 120k for smuggling some illegal stuff to a station. I learned in that hour that my income isn’t near what it should be for the amount of cargo I can haul in that ship.


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Course Correction

So the blog has been quiet lately, and it’s not because I’ve been too lazy to update (though there is a mission log I’ve neglected to post :p). It’s mostly because I’ve been playing other stuff. And that got me thinking…

I mean…I don’t want to lost the 5’s of 10’s of amazing people that have followed and read this blog to a lack of content. So I’m going to make a bit of a change. This thing won’t be exclusive to Elite anymore. We’re going wider. But not just any and all game genre. This blog will be for space games. Everything I play that is space related will be talked about here.

I updated the About page to kind of give you an idea of where I’m thinking of going.

Elite will still be a thing, no doubt. Just not till I get over my current obsession. Space Engineers released a massive update and oh man I have to do all the stuff! You know how gaming is…it’s like binge watching TV shows.

So that’s why Elite is going dark for a little bit. But there’s no reason I can’t shift the focus of the site and share the fun of that game with you too!

So I hope you’ll stick around. There’s a lot of great space games out there and I want to try as many as I can!