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Mission log 9

Took a break from my Space Engineers debacle to get some flight time in Elite last night. The first hour was pretty low key. I flew my Type-6 around some star systems earning 10-20k for delivering some stuff. The biggest payoff of the night was 120k for smuggling some illegal stuff to a station. I learned in that hour that my income isn’t near what it should be for the amount of cargo I can haul in that ship.


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Mission Log 8

What a day yesterday was! Granted, it could have been more. I was lazy and got stuck watching a movie. No one was forcing me…and it was a movie I’d already seen before….It’s just one of those things where you’re like, “I have to finish this even though I don’t want to.” I’m not even going to tell you what the movie was…cause it’s not that great of a movie…


I got a new ship! I ended up getting the Type-6 like I mentioned in Mission Log 7. Even updated the blog header to show it! I’ll try to keep whatever I’m flying up there for quick reference. Here it is in flight:


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Mission Log 5

I spent some money. I upgraded a couple of internal components like Sensors and Shields. I also got rid of the cargo bay and put in a fuel scoop. The Eagle, or at least my Eagle, is pretty much just a straight up fighter. I won’t be making any money off cargo any time soon. And since my mid-range target is a pretty pricey freighter, it makes sense to upgrade most of my core systems. I should probably drop the cargo scoop too…No point in having it if there’s no where for cargo to go…  I didn’t spend a ton of money. In most cases, I only improved a component by a class or two. And it was a good night at the Nav Beacon! Even with the upgrades, I still netted over 93K in profit, putting me at 759K totals funds.

The Fuel Scoop I added because I nearly ran out of fuel once in the starting Sidewinder. Like…fumes. I don’t want to run into that again. ALSO…a buddy of mine just got the game and I’m planning ahead in case I need to make a long trip to meet up.

I’m also kind of thinking it’s time for a change of scenery. So even if I don’t set out on my journey to find my friend, I think it’s time to check out a new system 10-20 light years away. Freng has been good to me…but so far only the Nav Beacon is paying out any. The resource extraction points are pretty dull.

I did check out a low intensity conflict zone last night…and promptly turned right around.

No screenshot from last night. I’m just worthless, I know.


Greetings, Starfighter!

Welcome to this little corner of the web. Here I’ll chronicle my journey through Elite: Dangerous, a gorgeous space simulator, that let’s you pilot an awesome range of ships with varying abilities and options. On the site’s main page, You’ll see a thermometer. That’s how close I am to being able to afford the purchase and insurance of a Fer-de-Lance, a pretty cool looking ship! I got a ways to go! I’ve only just started and my target amount is over 54 million bucks.

I’m currently in an Eagle MK II which is just a step above the starting Sidewinder. You can see a pic of my Eagle in the header image of the site! Whenever I make a change to the ship I’m currently flying, I’ll be sure to update that.

Now that I’m in an Eagle, I’ve started doing proper bounty hunting. I cleared a little over 100K last night. On of the steps to my end goal is to get myself out of a fighter and into a decent freighter to do some rare item trading. The reason is two fold. I’m hoping I’ll be able to extend some of the trade routes to also increase my Explorer rank while I’m making good money.  I’ll be in the Eagle for a long while as a good freighter will set me back anywhere from 1-17 million. I have to decide between a Type-6 or a Type-7. There are pros and cons to both…but I have a while before I have to figure that out.

I’ll try my best to post a recap of what happens after every time I play. For a while, though, they’re probably going to be pretty boring. :p

I’ll also be sure to update my funds to goal thermometer. I got around 100k in there now but my goal is so high you can barely tell…