I know… this isn’t space related… but this site is screaming for quick content. Scream is a harsh word… loudly whispering?

Here’s a quick look at Teardown!

You can thank TikTok for helping me find this game…

When a friend joined me on Discord and started watching me play Teardown the first question was “Is this Minecraft?” It makes sense… there’s blocks… It IS a voxel kind of game but there’s no building. There’s a fun physics kind of deal where everything can be destroyed (somethings more easily than others) and you’re basically a criminal.

You get little news vignettes of your shenanigans.

The campaign has missions to perform that make you money that you can spend on upgraded tools that you unlock along the way. Things like a sledgehammer, blowtorch, and pipe bombs. You know… the usual. The building you live in even starts to look better the more successful you get. There’s also a sandbox mode that let’s you just raze the area, but the missions I’ve played so far have ranged from smash and grab these things to just smash. I like the just smash ones the best.

To increase difficulty there are some mechanics they introduce that put a timer on your objectives. Like an alarm on a piece of art or a fire alarm triggering if it a fire gets out of control. Once the alarm trips, you got 1 minute to get out of there with your objectives. You have to get a little creative at times.

Some people just want to watch the fish trucks burn.

I’m a fan. It’s 20 bucks on steam and I feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it already. If anything for a game I can pop in and just destroy shit.