Greetings weary travelers!

There’s a handful of people that’ll appreciate that opening…

I got to stop with this month long silence guys. This blog was supposed to be casual and stuff but not that casual!

Here’s what I played last week:

  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons (PC)
  • Overwatch Beta (PC)

Over the past seven days I think I got into maybe…and hour of Elite. Work has been nuts. But I did get a reprieve over this past weekend and as luck would have it, the Overwatch beta was this weekend! Valthonis clued me into it so I downloaded it and I got the chance to meet a bunch of other Hammer gamers that I normally wouldn’t cross paths with since not everyone in the community plays Elite. Overall, I dug Overwatch pretty good. There’s a lot of things it’s doing right. I’m not a huge FPS fan in my old(er) age, but I went ahead and pre-ordered it. There are classes that operate at my speed. There’s a good number of Hammers that’re getting it and it serves as a great “Hey, let’s play something” at random moments type of game. I’m excited for the future of it.

What are you playing?! Did you check out the beta? What did you think?