Here’s everything I played last week!

  • GTA Online
  • Eve Echoes
  • Dead by Daylight

Yeah that GTA RP thing fell out for me. I probably didn’t give it a fair shake. Maybe some other time.

Eve Echoes is pretty cool. I recently picked up a second hand iPad and it runs pretty well on it. Currently I’m working on figuring out how to make money in mining.

I’ve owned Dead by Daylight for a while now and I’ve been too afraid to play it. I’m a wuss when it comes to horror stuff. I can watch it fine. I watch d20monkey play it on twitch all the time… But some other friends have picked it up so I started playing as the killer alone. I’ve got a couple of games in as both killer and survivor, playing with friends. I’m liking it!

Content warning: Blood and scary shit:

What are you playing?