You can check out all my ships on my fleet page on Inara. But here’s a quick list:

  • Nothing Ventured – Asp Explorer – Multi-role
    • This was the original workhorse of the fleet. All the credits earned with Nothing Ventured where put toward the purchase of Nothing Gained. With her exceptional jump range, she’s currently serving as a shuttle for Columbia excursions.
  • Nothing Gained – Fer -de – Lance – Combat
    • One of my first goals in Elite was to own a Fer – de – Lance. But they’re a pretty penny when you’re green (and playing in a era of game history where grinding money isn’t as easy as it is now). She’s more of a show piece now/Sunday driver now as a bulk of the combat work is served by Loud Declaration and Progenitor, but she’s still engineered to hurt.
  • The Star Blaster – Dolphin – Passenger Liner
    • Gathering dust, this Dolphin was used to grind Federal Ranks in order to be able to buy Progenitor. It took a lot of passengers in and around Sothis. But it got it done.
  • Untold Fortune – Python – Multi-role
    • Untold Fortune took over the role of fleet workhorse from Nothing Ventured. It served a combat, trading, and mining ship when it became apparent and Asp Explorer was just too small to operate at a level that supported the desired growth.
  • Mistakes Were Made – Diamond Back Explorer – S&R
    • Mistakes Were Made is designed to be a Search and Rescue vehicle tasked with supporting squad members. But with the lull of activity from squad mates (and )
  • Keranos – Imperial Currier – Racing
    • Keranos is a racer. She’s named after a ship I owned in a homebrew Fantasy Age (TTRPG) game called Yewdar, ran by Valthonis.
  • Magnus – Mamba – Combat
    • Man….Mamba’s just look cool.
  • Javelin – Krait Phantom – Science/Logistics
    • Javelin serves as the go-getter. Whenever materials for engineering or guardian unlocks are needed, we throw the Javelin at them.
  • Yukon Cornelius – Anaconda – Mining
    • In the great mining boom, this Anaconda was purchased, engineered, and kitted to float around the rocks and scoop up the goodness. 100% of the funds needed to purchase Columbia came from this ship.
  • Loud Declaration – Alliance Challenger – Combat
    • Originally built of anti-xeno operations, Loud Declaration, has pivoted to PVE combat primarily to assist new Commanders with bounty hunting. Eventually, she’ll be re-tasked to take on the Thargoids again.
  • Conveyor – Type 9 Heavy – Cargo/Mining
    • Conveyor is a short-hop hauler. Her sole purpose is to support Columbia in refueling and cargo offloading efforts. Recently, she’s been Columbia’s primary mining vessel.
  • Progenitor – Federal Corvette – Combat
    • You don’t want to be in front of this ship when it’s mad.
  • Lonely is the Night – Imperial Cutter – Combat
    • Lonely is the Night is my current project. She’s being built for combat and will be the first ship in the fleet to be outfitted with Prismatic shielding.

Columbia (J1G-50F)

Columbia is a Fleet Carrier with a purpose to support the operations of whatever my friends and I are currently into. She has been used to help new players gain quick access to credits and locations, increase my overall wealth though mining and has even been out to Colonia.

Check out this site by the Fuel Rats for more information. They’re still building it so it doesn’t do a whole lot yet.

Here’s Columbia’s Inara profile.