Took a break from my Space Engineers debacle to get some flight time in Elite last night. The first hour was pretty low key. I flew my Type-6 around some star systems earning 10-20k for delivering some stuff. The biggest payoff of the night was 120k for smuggling some illegal stuff to a station. I learned in that hour that my income isn’t near what it should be for the amount of cargo I can haul in that ship.


I’ve seen the how to videos. I know a lot of money can be made in trade. But I’ve been kind of burned on it. In the last Mission Log I talked about going to Robigo to follow a trading guide I found online. I bought and outfitted the Type-6, started on the journey. But what I haven’t updated anyone on till now, is that when I got to the end of that 300+ light year journey, I didn’t have a sufficient rank to actually do any missions. It was a bummer to have to turn around to start the journey back to the power play area where stuff is actually happening. 2015-11-24_00004

And of course I’d spend half that time flying too close to stars trying to refuel.

When I got back I started doing whatever transport missions were available. Most stations and start ports only had 1 or 2 and they never paid all that much because the distance was fairly short. The scales of economy here tip out of my favor. I have a bulk freighter. Yet no bulk to freight.  In my eyes…and I could be wrong…my leaving port with a half full hold is a waste of money. So imagine how I felt leaving with 1/50th of my capacity in use…


Departing with Illicit Cargo. 1 Illicit Cargo.

So NUTS to trading! Well…NUTS for now. I’m sure I’ll come back to it at some point. Because I want to rank up in everything I can. But I’m at a point where the payoff for this kind of work doesn’t outweigh the patience (boringess) needed to do it.

So I’m back in a fighter!


I picked up a Viper manufactured by Faulcon DeLacy. Here’s what the cockpit looks like.

And here’s it in action!

I didn’t really have time to take it out and do some bounty hunting. But I did have time to go ahead and outfit it. I wasn’t as conservative with money as I was with the Eagle. It’s sporting a couple of gimballed pulse lasers in the small hardpoints and a couple of multicannons in the mediums. I also went ahead and hit the top of the line power plant, distributor, shield generator and what not. I forgot to check my final money count to update the thermometer, but after a few missions and selling off the stuff on the Type-6, I was up around 2 million. I don’t think I’m below what my amount is set at now, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make back what I spent by the end of the week.