What a day yesterday was! Granted, it could have been more. I was lazy and got stuck watching a movie. No one was forcing me…and it was a movie I’d already seen before….It’s just one of those things where you’re like, “I have to finish this even though I don’t want to.” I’m not even going to tell you what the movie was…cause it’s not that great of a movie…


I got a new ship! I ended up getting the Type-6 like I mentioned in Mission Log 7. Even updated the blog header to show it! I’ll try to keep whatever I’m flying up there for quick reference. Here it is in flight:


It’s not sleek like the Eagle was…and it doesn’t turn down for what anything….but it’s a freighter. I’m not going to be collecting bounties in this guy. I’ll be hauling stuff around. Check out the cockpit, though. You can see below you and stuff.

2015-11-08_00006 2015-11-08_00007 2015-11-08_00008

So I sold my Eagle to make sure I could cover the re-buy cost but I don’t think I really had to. I think my re-buy is only at around 55k right now. Now, I’m not seeing myself in this ship for a long time. So I naturally don’t want to put a ton of money into it. I’d like to bank enough cash to switch to an Asp. It has a little less cargo space, but a bit more on the fighting side. I kind of feel like a sitting duck in the Type-6 with only two small hardpoints…

I’d put money in an Asp. Because with it, I’d be able to comfortably fly around in Open Play, which is part of this plan in traveling to Robigo. The only things I’ve upgraded so far are the power distributor, shield generator and I swapped out the Basic Discovery Scanner for a fuel scoop. Which has been a life saver. Slow as hell, but live saver never-the-less. I’ve also added a heat sink and chaff launcher. I’m not winning fights in a Type-6, I’m avoiding them to run away.

Speaking of fuel scooping, I’m about 3/4 of the way from Freng to Robigo. It was A LOT farther than I thought it’d be. This is where I’d post a screen of the 300+ light years journey in the Galaxy Map if I’d thought to take a screen shot… So check out some of the stuff I saw on the way!


It’s a RED SUN. First non-yellow sun I’ve hit.

2015-11-08_00001 2015-11-08_00002 2015-11-08_00009

So, fuel scooping….When I first got the fuel scoop on the Eagle I thought: “I’m going to save SO MUCH MONEY ON FUEL!” Guys….Can I be real a minute? For just a millisecond? I’d rather pay for fuel. Granted, my experience may be maligned slightly because of my cheapness. I got the cheapest fuel scoop. Maybe the more expensive ones convert better. But I swear I circled one star enough times to lose count and still barely got a quarter of a tank.

Fuel scooping works by flying close to a certain type of star, in super cruise. That last bit is what’s dangerous. You have to really watch your heat levels and if you get stuck too close, you’re going to be dealing with a sparking, smoking cockpit. And of course the hull takes damage when it’s too hot. Also, you’ll get pulled out of super cruise. It’s a double whammy getting out because it’s already hot and you generate heat while the drive spools up. I ended up burning all 3 heat sinks just because I wasn’t careful enough fuel scooping…

None of this would be a problem if there was ANY kind of life or civilization between where I was and where I’m going. There hasn’t been a station or outpost in the last 20 or so jumps.

It’s feeling pretty lonely out in the black.