I found my Opinion Polls!

This game was gorgeous before… but now… yeesh.

Update 6 has released between now and the last post. It came with a bunch of stuff but this lighting, man. The suit and weapons grind continues but it’s not my sole focus anymore. Which is good because it probably would have lead to some burn out.

In the cockpit of Javelin

I mentioned Finance Friday in the last post and I’ve been participating in those pretty regularly because they make you good money and… they’re just a lot o fun.

I’m also moving into other areas of the game that I’ve generally ignored like Powerplay and BGS. I’ve done Powerplay stuff before but that was only to get a special module. And once I got that module, I’d bounce. This time around I’m pledged to Pranav Antal. Antal doesn’t give you a cool weapon or module but he does, if you’re at the right rank, let you double your Combat Bond payouts when you turn them into a station he runs. And he runs the station in Yembo, where we do Finance Friday so all the money I make there gets doubled. It’s a bit more of a hassle to maintain that rank because of the number of merits you have to hit but so far it’s been worth it. I can work half as hard on Friday and make the same amount. We had one guy last Friday pull down 5 billion. He was in it through the whole day… but still.

I’ve also joined the squad that DeepBlueBeard is a part of, Browncoat Uprising. They’ve been a very welcoming group. I’ve been in and ran squad before but we were never aligned to a faction. These guys are not only aligned to a faction but to their own player faction. So for the last week, I’ve been helping out with the Background Simulation (BGS) in expanding our influence to other systems to eventually take control of it. BGS has always been a mystery for me in how it worked and what it had to offer but I’m enjoying learning it.

This is our station in our home system!

I’m only just beginning in my BGS meddling but I’m already seeing why it takes a whole squad of folx to cause expansion that results in control. I must have done 10 missions last night to increase influence but I didn’t see it tick up.

I’ve refocused my suit/weapon upgrades a little bit. Right now I’m just going to work on utility upgrades that make missions easier. Increased sprint and maybe jump assist are my focus right now. But they’re secondary to maintaining my Powerplay rank and helping the squad expand the player faction.

I’m not sure where a lot of community content creators are getting that Elite is a dead game. I’m seeing a more vibrant community than ever with an active, targeted development team. Yeah it sucks that Odyssey console release is on hold, but it was the right call.

I’m having a ball.