Man I haven’t even posted a playlist since February.

How lazy can you get?!? Right? Guys?

So I guess there have been some updates to Elite since February….

I’m not going to rag on Odyssey in the way others have, except to say Odyssey is one of those words I just cannot spell right the first time. So, for Frontier to give it this name… this name for this massive update to the game I love, is an affront to decency and a bane of my existence.

Odyssey (took 3 times to type that right and I’m staring at a giant screenshot of the damn word) had a rough launch to be sure. And there’s still a lot that needs to be ironed out. I understand some of the frustrations people have had. Especially with performance issues seeming to be randomly happening even on high-end PCs. I count myself very lucky to have had a mostly stable experience so far and even some of the bugs I’ve ran into where either not game breaking or have already been patched.

And ho boy have they been patching. Today was their 4th patch in about as many weeks, I think. Elite has an incredibly helpful community but they also have an incredibly entitled community that’ll never be satisfied no matter what they’re given. A lot of the push back or downright hate I see in social spaces isn’t called for. Give them time, they’ll fix it. And if this is all just a bridge too far for you, move the hell along and let the rest of us continue enjoying it.

But, whatever. That’s not why we’re here.

Look at him. Small baby. Don’t even know words yet.

I guess let’s start with the obvious. You can walk around now.

You can also land on planets with tenuous atmosphere and see things like this.

If you zoom in and squint, that’s me on the top of the ship in the center.

The addition of legs brings with it a whole host of other activities and missions on top of the wide variety of regular Horizons content. Truth be told, since Odyssey (2 tries) launched, I haven’t done any of the older content at all. The on foot missions range from simple courier missions where you go to a settlement and grab an item from a locker to straight-up-murder-everything missions where you wipe out the entire settlement.

There are new materials to collect for new engineers for your exploration, support and combat space suits. Artemis, Maverick, and Dominator, respectively. Then there are also upgrades for your wide variety of hand-held weapons as well. And man, does it feel grindy so far.

Walking through a building having just turned the power on… looting the shit out of it.

Some missions allow for a looting free for all, though. Power Restoration usually grants you full access to a settlement/base so when you turn the power back on, you can walk around freely taking whatever you can find. It’s good to get an idea of the items you’re looking for because your storage locker has a finite amount of space. I’m sure everything at some point is going to get used for later engineering, but trying to focus what you grab will help in the long run. Also remember that not everything can be traded like ship engineering can. Some small subsets of materials can. But large swath of stuff you need you’ll have to find in the wild or get as a mission reward. I’m really hoping there’s some kind of expanded trading ability in the future because I’m finding more than a few of the items I need to be really hard to get. So far I’ve only managed to get my suits up to level 2 with a backpack expansion module for my Maverick suit.

Selling stuff I don’t need to the Bartender

That said, if you’re just starting out and have 0 items, just grab it all. You can sell what you don’t need at that moment to the bartender to free up space. My running process will likely be to continue grabbing everything and then when the locker gets full, empty out what I don’t need anymore. It’s not fair to call it a passive income, but the screenshot above shows my take when I emptied out what I didn’t need. As an aside on knowing what you need or don’t need, having an Inara account linked with your Frontier account is beyond helpful. There’s just too much to keep track of and if you try to focus only on one thing to collect, you’ll be doing this forever.

I’ve done a little of the other on foot activities too. I’ve ran through a couple of Combat Zones and wasn’t super into it. It’s not bad, but it’s not incredible either. When they announced space legs, I kind of had an idea that the First Person Shooter aspect of it was going to be lacking. For me, a smooth FPS experience is hard to pull off even if that’s the whole focus of the game. Elite is a lot of things. Combat, right now, feels more like: “Here, have this too.” I haven’t set out on Exploration yet but I’ve been on enough atmo planets to have tried out the genetic sampler. And having seen Elite content creators buzz over the new exploration stuff, I’m excited for all of that.

All in all, I’ve put a good bit of time into Odyssey (FIRST TRY) and, as a hardcore Elite player, I’m happy with what I’m seeing. I think there’s a lot of room for this content to grow. It helps that Horizons ended up being so solid that, even if all the Odyssey stuff was crap, I know I could still play the game and have fun.

Are you playing? Let me know what you think about your space legs! Are you new and have questions? Do you need someone to help you run some missions? Feel free to hit me up on any of my social medias to the left (all the way back to the top) and I will happily help you out in any way I can!