The last mission log was in October of 2020. It’s been a while. And while I’ve been on an Elite hiatus for a few weeks now, I still have some things to share!

pew pew

We’ll go chronologically… at least as well as I can remember what’s happened.

The shields. They be mine.

Items that are only available through powers feel like they take forever. But I think this one will have been worth it. I got a bunch of different sizes and I’ve already engineered a couple.

Engineering runs near Jameson Memorial

The first thing they went on was Lonely is the Night (my Imperial Cutter). But they’ve since made it to a few other ships in the fleet. Just like the Pack Hound missile racks, I got more modules than I have ships to fit them to just because I want to avoid having to pledge again in the future.

Since the last mission log, I’ve managed to work in quite a bit of combat. Both alone and with some friends. I also managed to nab the Twitch paint job drop for Progenitor (Federal Corvette). I’m thinking of renaming that ship… I’m not sure yet.

And, of course, the Cutter saw some action too.

I’m not sure how much I’ve increased my rank since the last Mission Log but I know it’s not that much. I’m still only a little over half way through Dangerous. The combat rank is just such a slog. But I’m going to keep at it.

If you missed it or haven’t visited in a while, Columbia was decorated for Christmas!

I logged in a little over the holidays to do some wing combat but mostly just to collect the Arx Frontier was giving away. I managed to nab a good bit of it.

That’s about all I have right now. I still have a lot of combat rank to grind and I still have some more engineering to do for my bigger ships. Odyssey has been delayed and I feel like I should be gearing up for that, but I’m not sure what I’d need outside of credits. And I have a bunch already. With the mining re-balance, I’m not even sure what the best way to make money is.

I can’t tell you when the next mission log will be! While I’m getting that itch to fly again, I have a lot of other stuff I’m into right now. So until then, fly safe!