Community Goals are back!

I haven’t done anything with them yet and I found out I missed out on getting a new weapon module because of it, but HEY! They’re back! Great.

I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated but I haven’t walked away from the game completely. There are a couple of player groups that have been active enough to keep me here and it’s kicked off some other things for me.

Yesterday, I helped a fellow Hammer get themselves set up to engineer their FSD.

The week before I helped a streamer get their first Guardian module blueprint for the Guardian FSD booster. The link to that VOD is here (Warning: adult language)! We start getting into the Guardian site at around the 3:40 mark. If you’ve never seen someone get a Guardian Module, we get it relatively quickly… Also, you can hear my dog squeaking her toy in the background a lot.

A new challenger approaches!

I bought a Cutter!

I’ve been working on Lonely is the Night for a week or so now. Hard-points and most of the core internals are upgraded and engineered thanks to some material farming at Dav’s Hope and some other spots.

Part of this is going to also involve unlocking Prismatic Shields from Aisling Duval. as well.

I just pledged a couple of days ago so I still have nearly the full 4 weeks before I can unlock the shields but we’re on our way. Last night was spend building up merits. I haven’t done the math on how many merits per week I should be earning. I’m just going to get a big number going and trying to keep it at the target the entire time. Because when it’s done, I’m buying a bunch of different sizes and I’m out!