We’re Back. A spaceship story.

It was a long trip but we’ve finally made it back to the bubble. The greatest thing I’ve learned from this whole thing is that if you’re heading out to explore by yourself, don’t bother with taking a Fleet Carrier. The hassle just doesn’t feel worth the benefits. It’s probably going to be a while before I do something like that again. Someday I want to visit Beagle Point but I’m in no rush. It was a really great trip, though.

Since I’ve been back I’ve been helping a bunch of new players get into the game. I love helping new Commanders. It’s always fun to be there when they start to realize just how big this game can be. Most of all of them are part of a streamer’s community that started playing. We’ve started up a squad and I’ve been using Columbia to help get folks where they need to be without a lot of danger.

Here’s BigJay0130 sitting on the pad on Columbia waiting to be taken to a system that was selling Painite at a good price.

He’s in a Python there but by now he’s already in an Anaconda. AND…the little SOB is Elite in Trading.

In between mining with with the rookies, I’ve been getting some housekeeping done. It’s been nice taking my other ships out to strut. Fighting in the Corvette is always a blast.

In general Elite news, Galnet is back! And Community Goals will be back soon! There’s excitement again. It’s a shame for the Imperials though as they seem to be on fire…

I decided to help them out a little.

I know it’s been a little bit since I’ve updated but the last 3 weeks of playing have been pretty great.

I hope you’ve been doing okay. These are pretty rough times and they’ve been rough for a while now.

Keep flying safe.