We’re in Colonia! AND WE’RE LEAVING AGAIN!

And we’re gonna be stuck here for little bit. I just don’t have enough Tritium to get home and no one here is selling. So I’ve parked Colombia next to an ice ringed planet with a Tritium hot spot. I was never filling up Conveyor so I’ve switched Javelin from exploration to mining. I’m able to get a little over 100 tons a run in Javelin but at least I’m filling the hold and it’s usually pretty quick. The problem with Conveyor is probably my hardpoint configuration. I’m only running one SSD so I was running out of missiles before I even came close to being a quarter full. I can synth more, but then I’ll have to restock mats for that and that means pulling myself off mining…which slows the return.

So that’s actually what we’re doing now. This is what we’ve done.

Sagittarius A…

The exploration data I turned in at Colonia got us super close to Elite but not quite there. Since we’re so close (relatively) to the center of the universe… why not go check it out and top off the rank? Great idea, Matt!


Through this whole trip I’ve been saying that a lot of the things that I’ve seen have been worth it. “Even if I wasn’t ranking up or getting money for the data, [insert cool looking thing here] makes the trip worth it.”

Man all that was bullshit when I got to Sag A.

Once I took in all the sites. It was time to get back to Colonia to start refueling Columbia for the trip home.

Explorer’s Anchorage is a station in a system right next door to Sag A. I stopped there before dropping into Sag A to turn in exploration data just in case I asploded. The trip from Colonia to Sag A got me 90% of the way to Elite. I didn’t want to take the same route back so I went straight North (relative to the galactic plane) and arched back to Colonia

This was the right call! Nearly every system I hit on the way back was unexplored. Not a lot of Earth-likes but water world after water world.

This one had 3 and an ammonia world!

When I got back to Colonia, I turned in nearly 60 million in exploration data in one go. That was way more than enough to get me to Elite.

Now we’re mining Tritium and planning the trip home. Our main goal out here has been accomplished and I’m anxious to get home and start working on the combat rank.