I have altered the deal…

First, here’s what’s up. I was able to do some bounty hunting over the last week. Not a ton, but enough to get me up over 2 mil. I forgot to get the exact dollar amount so I haven’t updated the thermometer yet. But being where I am now, I think it’s time for a change that’ll help raise it a bit quicker.

Found this little gem¬†on the Elite community page and I’m more than kind of leaning toward following it.

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So I’ve plotted a course to a system that the internet tells me sells an Asp. Problem is I can’t afford an asp…So I have a choice to make. That’s a long distance so I can probably bounty hunt a long the way. But I kind of don’t think it’ll happen. The other option is to do this same deal in a Type-6. But I’m not sure…cause that ship’s just not sexy. A Type-6 would burn half of what I’ve earned so far…but if I could get into that rhythm in trading….That’s a lot of money, real quick.

I’ll probably get a good bit of time in the cockpit today. While I’m traveling to this new place, I’ll make the call.