Mission Log 64

I can see that I’m going to have to plan out these exploration posts better…I don’t want to end up with huge posts… This is generating a lot of content…the smart thing would be to space them out right? Regardless…

Blue Thuna AI A c14 10…

We’re underway to Colonia and I’ve just rounded the corner for the first way point in Blu Thua AI A c14 10, Hillary Depot. There wasn’t anything super special about this one. Just a planetary base but it was nice to go ahead and drop off the scan data I’d collected in those first 1,000 light-years.

I was going to wait to start jumping Columbia out until the end of the weekend but being able to only jump Columbia 500 light-years at a time with 20 minutes between each jump means it would never catch up to me if I wasn’t also exploring along the way. I’m glad I did it when I did. The fuel tank holds 1000 tons of Tritium and while I have over 10K in reserve, I can’t refuel the carrier if I’m not onboard to transfer it. I got Columbia as far out as I could before it ran out of fuel. I ended up having to backtrack a little. You can see me reverse course in the last picture of the post.

I didn’t bother doing much more than Honk, Scoop, Jump in the first leg of the trip because a bunch of people have been through here already and I’m following a route that was already put together as a sightseeing tour. I could have made a B-Line for Colonia and made the trip quicker, but the point of this whole thing was to finish out my Exploration rank and actually see some of the things I’ve only seen in other screenshots. As I get further out from the bubble, I plan to deviate from the route more and more to hopefully dip into undiscovered systems.

Heaven’s Lathe…

Leaving Hillary’s Depot to HD 175876 is where the exploration has begun in earnest.

I’m basically getting quick scans on everything if it hasn’t been discovered. On the leg to Heaven’s Lathe I managed to find an undiscovered water world and got a badge from EDSM!

I have to say… (HD 175876) Heaven’s Lathe is a gorgeous system.

That’s a big ball of fire

There was a planet in the system that had some geological sites so I went to check it out. Everything in this system is bathed in the light of that primary and it’s gorgeous.

But all of that is crap compared to the ringed neutron star

I ended up using that neutron star to boost over 200lys on my Frame – Shift Drive.

The next stop is Lagoon Sector NI S b4 10 by way of Thor’s Eye. See you then!


  1. Systems with a giant blue star are always amazing to me. And seeing them for yourself is just different, for some reason

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