We are go for exploration…almost

This weekend was suuuuper productive. I mean…as far as games go. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I managed to get a lot of Low Temp Diamonds from the LTD4 spot. But it wasn’t without some issues. I think I ended up getting more from the LTD3 in the same area. The 4 spot overlap was just so narrow. I probably missed it after those first two runs the week before. The LTD3 overlap is a much bigger area. Either way, I was more successful with laser mining than I was finding sub-surface deposits.

I had two or three good runs like that and ended up heading back to the bubble with over 2k LTDs

Since the update last week, though. I ended up selling over a thousand of them to other carriers in the area. They happen to be selling 3-400 thousand over what the stations in the bubble had for them. But with their demands being real-time, it got to be a little tedious so I just jumped the rest back to sell them.

With Columbia back in a Carrier management system, I was able to uninstall the Shipyard. I found out I didn’t actually need it installed and operating to have my own personal ship storage. I don’t generally play with other folks (because I don’t know a bunch of people that also play this game and look to play with other people) so having the shipyard for friends to be able to store their ships was pointless and a waste of money. With that uninstalled, I installed the Interstellar Cartographics module.

That way I can turn in exploration data safely no matter how far from a station I am so long as my carrier is someone near. There’s a discrepancy in what the game says my weekly upkeep is and what some 3rd party apps say. (Game might not update until until the weekly upkeep cycles for payouts) but FleetCarrier.space is reporting my new weekly upkeep is 13,723,836 credits. And with the LTDs I sold I was able to throw over a couple of billion into Columbia’s budget. So my upkeep should be covered for over seven years at this point.

And even if the math on one is wrong or waiting for a weekly cycle, I’m still good. A this point I could walk away from the game for a LONG while and not have to worry about getting more money.

And that’s good….cause I’m a little burned out on mining. The plan is to take off for deep space and do some exploring to get my name on some system discoveries and hit my Elite rank in Exploration. At the moment, I’m stockpiling Tritium in Columbia to make a whole bunch of jumps before I have to look for more fuel. In a perfect world, I’d get enough to not have to mine while I’m out. But I don’t think that’s likely because I have no idea where I’m going yet. Maybe I’ll start with making a circuitous route out to Sag A? I’m not sure.

I’m open to suggestions!


Monday night was great. We shuttled over 10k tons of tritium to Columbia. Even made a few runs to another carrier in the system that was buying for a 20 million credit profit each run!

The rest of the week will be knocking off these To Do cards and figuring out a route out to Colonia.