Out there, among the stars…

Javelin launching from Columbia.

Last night I took my carrier out to the 4x Low Temperature overlap. It’s roughly 1,000 light-years outside the bubble. Most of the night was spent stockpiling enough Tritium to to make sure I could get back to sell without having to mine extra. You often run into Tritium when mining Low Temp Diamonds so I’m pretty sure I’m set. Once I’ve gotten enough loot to come back and sell, I’m planning on stockpiling A LOT of Tritium for a long term expedition to…somewhere. I’m not sure. I want to hit Elite in exploration. Installing a Universal Cartographic module in Columbia would help that all happen faster and much safer. The carrier can only jump 500ly at once so it’ll likely be several jumps before I’m far enough out to start finding things that haven’t already been discovered. I want my name on shit that hasn’t been seen before.

During one of the stops on the way to the mining site, I took Javelin out exploring the system. I managed to find an un-mapped water world and this ice planet with 45 geological signals on it. I checked a couple of them out and found some of those crystalline structures that spit out resources. In collecting a few, I realized I need to hit up a tech broker to trade off all my low level materials for higher ones to make room for more lower ones. My To-Do list keeps getting bigger after the reset. But that’s okay.

Javelin sitting inside one of Columbia’s hanger bays

I wasn’t able to park Columbia in the actual system because there were so many other carriers already there, but it was still well within jump range of Conveyor. In the first 2 rocks I hit I was up to nearly 40 tons of LTDs and a good bit of Tritium. I’ll probably hang around here for a week or so mining to get Columbia’s hold pretty dang full then take it all to sell. After that, I can’t see I’ll be needing money for a while. Columbia’s budget can ALREADY sustain itself for 3 years. Adding the Cartography module will shrink that time but not by that much. This mining run should serve to set it up for any eventuality and free me up to finish getting my exploration rank up to Elite.

I say I’ll be out here a week but now that I’m actually working through it, it might be longer. I’m not sure. Mining is fun but it can get tedious after a while. I’m a good bit outside of the bubble so I might mix it up a little and take Javelin or Nothing Ventured out for a stretch and do some exploring. One of the great things about the carrier is I can refit the ships I have with me on the fly.