I’m coming out of a Elite lull. Having only played a half a dozen times over the past couple of months, I didn’t really have many updates to make but after hitting a milestone yesterday, I realized that I played nearly 10 hours over last week. February and March saw me playing a few new things, going back to some old favorites, but nothing really latched and took up my time.

But first, check out this coronal mass ejection I saw while flying around. First time I’ve seen one of these in person!

The milestone was hitting Dangerous in my Combat Ranking. That unlocked Lori Jameson, the Engineer I need to finish out the last two modules for Keranos.

Elite, for me, is rabbit holes upon rabbit holes. Yeah, I have my Trello board to remind me of the things I have in the hopper, but because this game is an RPG with no real quests on rails or anything. I find myself pausing a goal to pursue a new shiny thing all the freaking time. I told myself, when I added Buy/Build/Engineer Exploraconda to the board, it was going to be a low priority thing. I don’t have an itch to do any long haul exploring (which is what this ship would be used for). I’ve seen some impressive builds with the Anaconda for that and I know, one day, I want to get triple elite, so a long journey to the black will happen…just not any time soon. So naturally, that card is in the active column instead of the to do…

I bought and started outfitting Deceiver’s Tell over the weekend. Her first stop, after A rating the modules I knew I would need A rated, was to pick up a Guardian FSD booster. With just this little bit, I’ve got the range at 40+ light-years. Not bad. Overall goal is 70-75+. After sharing my build with my squad, GamerCow pointed out that I could drop the standard Power Plant entirely and put in a Guardian Hybrid Plant and get a few more light-years out of it. Having not done a ton of guardian unlocking, I tend to forget they’re even there. I had extra module blueprints but still needed more Obelisk Data. So this weekend was basically setting out to get that for the power plant. I found a great planet with a bunch of ruins. I was able to clear the data need in less than an hour and didn’t even need to log out/log in to reset it. It was better than Dav’s Hope….but for data. That’s where I am, still. There was also a Guardian Structure on the planet that I wanted to take a look at but when I’m done, I’ll be heading back to put the hybrid drive in Deceiver’s Tell. I’ll also be looking to see if one of those drives can eek out a few more meters per second for Keranos.

Well I wrote this draft two days ago and managed to not get the pictures uploaded and in the post till now. And since then, I’ve gotten the hybrid power plant! I also guess I forgot to upload some other screenshots since I don’t have any in the library for my new Anaconda…but I want to get this posted. It’s been too long between posts and if I leave this to come back, it’ll be another couple of days before I remember.

Yesterday also brought us a pretty significant update so I’ll be excited to check out what’s different. You can check out the patch notes here.

Fly safe, CMDRs!