I got a lot of cockpit time logged yesterday and had a couple of people pop in on the stream! More on the stream later…

Guys, I took so many screenshots yesterday! I left the comfort of Freng as it felt like pickings were slimming. Man it paid off…

I made nearly half a million yesterday and I’m up above 1.3 mil! I’m in the 2┬ácomma club!

Check out this star port in Cupis:

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge




It orbits this Mars like planet and there are some moments where it’s just gorgeous to fly around.



I checked out both a resource extraction site and a nav beacon in Cupis. Both had some decent traffic and bounties. I learned i need to be a bit more careful dodging the large, ship damaging contents of planetary rings…


Got pulled out of super cruise early for flying to close…made for a great image

In the rings, there were a couple of wanted Anacondas. And I broke one of my two rules when I engaged them…but only because┬áSystem Authority Vessels (NPCs) were on hand to help soften them up. In one case, I basically just swooped in and stole the bounty right out from under their noses.

This is what happens when you do that crime.

This is what happens when you do that crime.

I bounced back between Freng and Cupis a few times last night. I also got some fuel scoop practice in. Fuel scooping probably scares me more than it should…just feels super close to the sun. And watching the temp rise messes with you.

Tonight, if I’m able to hop on, I’m plotting a course back to the Everate system. That’s where Elite drops newbies (which I totally still am). A friend of mine just started playing too. Two ships are better than one!

On the stream: So i have a twich channel. I streamed pretty much all last week with no real interaction and over the weekend I considered whether or not it was worth the effort or bandwidth. I decided to keep going for now. Yesterday was the first time I noticed anyone actually watching and interacting in chat and it was a lot of fun! I figure the best thing about streaming is the interactions. The chances to meet people and entertain them a little. I live for the moments where I can make someone laugh or help brighten their day. If a week goes by and I can only affect one person, that’s cool. Cause that’s a difference made. I make no difference keeping to myself. So I’ll keep streaming….at least until I’m finding out it’s cutting too much out of my monthly cap :p