Housekeeping first! I’ve decided to let the domain lapse. Chances are you’re getting to here from a direct link to the post on social media which I have to use because the site’s not hosted anywhere to actually take advantage of the domain. So I’m basically just paying to have a URL to redirect that never actually gets used. Also, the renewal comes at a time where I’m trying to cut back on frivolous spending…so there it is. It’s been cool to have over the last few years but it is what it is.

Now….on with the show.

I have only 2 modules left to engineer and finish the Keranos.


The only issue is that both of them are locked behind Lori Jameson. Which means I have to get my combat ranking up to Dangerous. I’ve always had a goal of becoming triple Elite, but I figured combat would be the last one to happen. As I’ve been flying around I’ve been sure to honk and scan anything worthy along the way and sell it. So my exploration rank has been slowly creeping toward the last rank. That’s a passive action that doesn’t usually take away from any task at hand. But to unlock this engineer and finish out this build, I’m going to have to devote time and effort to combat. Luckily Magnus is essentially ready to go, minus a few completion rolls on engineering. I took her out last night for some High RES action and had a lot of fun. I started Elite pretty combat heavy. That used to be the best way to make money. The rank I need is Deadly (second to the last) and right now I’m 84% of the way there. So thanks to all that work so long ago, I don’t have a huge way to go.

Up until now, I’ve been doing a LOT of material gathering. Surface prospecting and USS collection sites, mostly. I never seem to find mission rewards for the stuff I need. In fact…for anything other than raw materials that you pick up from surface prospecting, as soon as I identify I need it, it’s damn near impossible to find. Most grade 5 materials I got for the engineering I’ve done have been obtained through trading. Surface Prospecting is probably one of my favorite activities. Every since I set up SRV controls to work through an Xbox controller, driving is a blast. Here’s a bunch of pics from my prospecting time over the past couple of weeks.

Flying high at Dav’s Hope

This shift to a short-term focus on combat, may be enough for me to put Progenitor to good use. Nothing can rip through an NPC ship’s hull faster than a crap ton of multi-cannons. I could also use this an an excuse to start unlocking guardian tech. I have plans for a Cutter in the future that’ll require them. And they could be handy on the Corvette, too. That would delay obtaining the combat rank, though. I have to decide which is more important. I put of engineering for so long, I feel like I’m playing the biggest game of catch up. And if I ever want to go help with Thargoids, I’m going to have to get Guardian equipment and finish unlocking all the engineers I need.

So much to do…so much to do…