Work on Keranos continues! Thrusters are fully engineered and ready to go.

Right now, her current top speed is 820ish. But the target build is 870m/s so there’s still some more to do. But I’ll tell you, she’s already fast. I can get from the back of the space port, out the mailslot, and out of mass lock in less than 5 seconds. A lot of the extra speed will take some squeezing. I have a stronger/larger power plant in her right now to handle everything until I can get the materials to overcharge a smaller one and none of my modules are engineered for lightweight.

A lot of the past week has been running around the bubble looking for Signal Sources to collect materials. I’ve pinned a lot of blueprints in game and I just created a materials list in Inara to track the things that I need to be looking for. It’s a lot. Some of these things are nearly impossible to find when you’re actually looking for them as RNGsus is a fickle mistress. So I think what I’m going to have to end up doing is just cast a wide net, pull in everything, and hit up material traders. We’ll see. This is going to be a long haul kind of thing because I’d like to engineer the core components of every one of my current ships and maybe have enough in the hopper to engineer anything I buy in the future. Work on some of them has started, my Corvette has a few grades in thrusters and FSD already my Asp Explorer has a few. Engineering all my ships is why my shopping list is so high. I basically took every blueprint I want and multiplied it by five (I have more ships that that right now but jesus it’s already a lot to collect).

Long term projects and goals like this wouldn’t be what they are without immediate, full stop, distractions! So let me introduce you to the newest member of the fleet, Magnus!


Magnus is a Mamba. Basically a sister ship to the Fer-de-Lance, which is one of my favorite ships in the game. They’re both like hot rod fighters. So the load out for Magnus is going to be pretty combat heavy. Work on her has already started and I’m also trying beam lasers for the first time. Partly because I want the shield regeneration experimental effect. The rest of the the build is multi-cannons which will eventually be overcharged. The huge hardpoint will have an incendiary round experimental effect on it. I’m not sure about the other two large hardpoints. I might add the same effect or I might use something different. Incendiary is supposed to add a good bit to the thermal load and while the Mamba doesn’t seem to run as hot as her sister, it’s still something to keep an eye on.

I’ve taken her out fighting some already and I’m digging her. She seems to have everything she needs and has it where it counts for my current combat build I’m interested to see how versatile a fighter I can make her. I see people take FDLs into combat with Thargoids…but I don’t know how well a Mamba would do.

Speaking of Thargoids…I know I need to do my part and protect the bubble…but I feel like I’m still really far from getting anti-xeno components. I’ve watch people in super engineered ships take them on and still have a hard time taking them down.

They scare me greatly.

What kind of stuff are you guys working on? Mining? Engineering? Let me know!

Fly safe, Commanders.