Greetings, weary travelers!

I hope everyone had a great Holiday however you celebrate it. And if you don’t, I hope you had a peaceful time of year!

Christmas is over and I spent some time with family and got a bunch of cool stuff! But I also got a good bit done in Elite! So let’s chat about that.

We’re back at Olivas City! The 16 thousand light-year round trip was a little rough on the paint and the ship’s structural integrity was a lot lower than I’d realized. But she did okay. In addition to the 22 million credits that I got for completing the mission, I also managed to bring in a little over another 30 million in exploration data. Plus, I was the first to discover all these places!

On top of that, I ranked up in exploration! I’m now only one rank away from Elite. This makes 2 pilot’s federation ranks I’m close to maxing out. I’m about half way through the Tycoon rank for trade. And I have a feeling the next bit is going to help out with that…A LOT…

Once I got back to Olivas City, the first thing I did was refit Progenitor for mining. Void Opals are so hot right now selling for 1.6 million a piece and the only way to get them is mining. And guys, the new mining system is fun as crap. Here’s a video of me cracking open an asteroid.


The asteroid has a number of points where you can shoot a charged detonator into it. Some points are low some are high. Putting a high charge into a low spot gets you to your target yield quicker. it’s all about balance and making sure the explosion isn’t too much or too little. After 1 or 2, you’ll get the hang of it.

With the rock busted open, you can pick up anything that gets knocked loose, then use the Abrasion Blaster to free even more chunks from the broken pieces.

And that’s how much only 36 got me.

That much money for an activity that’s pretty relaxing and enjoyable is a no-brainer! But I realized that Progenitor is just too big and has too short a jump range. Yeah, I can carry a whole lot in it, but with my play style, I’m probably only going to haul in around 30-50 tons of cargo at a time. So Untold Fortune was refit with the mining equipment from Progenitor and put into action.

Here she is sitting in the remains of an asteroid while Collection Limpets bring in the haul.

And here’s the profit from that haul…

I ended last night on my way to a station to sell for max profit with good number of Void Opals and an “non-trivial” amount of low temperature diamonds.