Can I just say that loading up the game and seeing the featured image for this post gets me giddy?

Hello, Commanders! I hope you’re having an amazing weekend full of the things you love. If you’re not, I’m sorry. I hope it gets better quick!

Since mission log 50, every moment I’ve been in game has been geared toward making Progenitor as fearsome as possible. I’ve been so focused I keep forgetting to take screenshots! But I do have a new page up on the blog that lists, at a high level, what I’m working to accomplish. I’ve already upgraded the FSD an A rating. I want to make sure I don’t drop my overall credit savings below 100 million. So whenever I have enough to cover the cost of a module, I’ll upgrade it then. Not before. I am strong. I can do it that way…

Since the update I’ve had a chance to give wing missions a try. I like them a lot! I’ve only done delivery missions and 2 out of 3 of them have been my myself. The payouts are great but they’re a bit of a slog. When you’re alone, you have to make a bunch of trips. Once mission had me haul 3000+ tons from Olivas to a neighboring system 13 LY away. Now that’s a lot of stuff but it’s not far. It’s one jump in nearly every ship I own. Unless you’re max cargo is 200+. That’s a bunch of trips….but wait…you just bought a huge damn ship. Let’s fit it for cargo…3 7E cargo racks?!?!? that’s 128 tons EACH. All told, the Corvette (as I have it now) can haul 524 tones. Well that’s a bunch fewer trips. Unless your jump range is 6 LY… HA I’ll upgrade the FSD! I got the money (this was the driving reason why the FSD was upgraded first). That made my laden range 10. The destination was now reachable but it was 3 jumps there. I went ahead and finished it out but I’m not sure I’ll do that a lot unless I have a bunch of time to kill. I feel like I could do the same amount of money with passenger sightseeing tours in a shorter time frame. But it’s still cool. The Wing Mission I did with someone else happened last night after taking CMDR FatRabbit out for some Hammer Gaming level bounty hunting money.

We made him a bunch of money out in the Haz RES sites around home base. I switched into Untold Fortune because the Corvette isn’t battle ready in my opinion and if I lost it, I didn’t want to lose whatever bounties I hadn’t collected AND 10+ million for the ship.

He’s a little hard to see in that first one, but he’s there. he was flying a Viper with a missile rack. That thing can bring the thump. We had a couple of close calls with some way overpowered NPCs but we managed to not lose our ships. We also got to experience the new Crime and Punishment system when we accidentally caught some bounties with stray shots. Because we didn’t gain any Notoriety from killing, we were able to hop over to a neighboring system with low security and pay off the bounties. I have to say I like that a lot better than the old system. You’re back in the fight faster and don’t have to wait out 8-10 minutes while you’re friends continue having fun.

After bounty hunting we tried out the Wing Missions with an actual wing. There was one for 1300 tons, one jump away with a payout of 3 million for me (Higher Trade rating and rep means my payouts will be higher). Which is great because he’ll get the same reward at my level. I swapped ships and we were done in around 3 trips. It took a little bit of figuring out how to get him assigned to the mission, but once that was done, it was a breeze. He even had to drop to the main menu a couple of times and it was simple enough to get him back in and it saved any contribution he made. When we were done, I selected the reward with the most credits and it split it between us 50/50. So there was 1.7 million with not a lot of work and relatively low risk in less than 20 minutes. Not too bad.

I’m excited to try the rest of the wing mission types. Some of them look pretty daunting.

Let’s close it out with some awesome pics of my Corvette.

Thanks for stopping by!

Fly safe, Commanders.