I spent some money. I upgraded a couple of internal components like Sensors and Shields. I also got rid of the cargo bay and put in a fuel scoop. The Eagle, or at least my Eagle, is pretty much just a straight up fighter. I won’t be making any money off cargo any time soon. And since my mid-range target is a pretty pricey freighter, it makes sense to upgrade most of my core systems. I should probably drop the cargo scoop too…No point in having it if there’s no where for cargo to go…  I didn’t spend a ton of money. In most cases, I only improved a component by a class or two. And it was a good night at the Nav Beacon! Even with the upgrades, I still netted over 93K in profit, putting me at 759K totals funds.

The Fuel Scoop I added because I nearly ran out of fuel once in the starting Sidewinder. Like…fumes. I don’t want to run into that again. ALSO…a buddy of mine just got the game and I’m planning ahead in case I need to make a long trip to meet up.

I’m also kind of thinking it’s time for a change of scenery. So even if I don’t set out on my journey to find my friend, I think it’s time to check out a new system 10-20 light years away. Freng has been good to me…but so far only the Nav Beacon is paying out any. The resource extraction points are pretty dull.

I did check out a low intensity conflict zone last night…and promptly turned right around.

No screenshot from last night. I’m just worthless, I know.