It’s always nice when you get this message!


This was an unexpected surprise to all the money farming I’ve been doing. I always forget that cargo missions also count toward the Pilot’s Federation Trade rank. Now that I’m a tycoon, I’ll be starting up a railroad or some kind of oil business.

The only rank after this one is Elite. That’s going to beĀ quite a gap to cross though. You make Tycoon when you post a 390 million credit profit from Trade. Elite rank requires a profit of just over 1 billion. BILLION.

Weekend goals:

  • Travel down to Thargoid town to collect Community Goal rewards
  • EngineerĀ Mistakes were Made‘s FSD while I’m down there
  • Get most, if not all, the way through Post Commander Rank
  • Try not to spend a ton of money

What you guys doing this weekend? I hope it’s fun!