Yesterday I set off forĀ Elvira Martuuk to upgrade the Shield Generator for the Untold Fortune. I wish I’d done a little more research, though, cause it feels like a wasted trip. I didn’t realize until AFTER I’d traveled all the way out to get the Soontill Relics and then all the way out to Khun that she only offers shield generator upgrades up to class 3. Since I was there, I went ahead and built myself up in rep to get the class 3 upgrade and I also tuned my thrusters. She’ll do a class 5 upgrade for FSDs, but I already have one and I’m happy with it. Tonight I’ll head back to base and regroup. I need to find out who will do a higher class shield generator, unlock them, and start farming materials to upgrade. I did manage to get a cool shot of the underside of a corona mass ejection after being interdicted while fuel scooping

I also applied some cosmetic things that I got! Check out these SRV paint jobs!

I also took a bunch of ship screenshots to update profile pics on Inara

And check out the new holo-me!

Other than making my way back to Olivas City, my other goal is to Inara with all my ships’ current load outs. I still haven’t found an automated process to update that so I have to take the text files from EDMC to and them import them back into Inara. After that, I have some funds to restore. Buying the shield generator set me back 15 million. I’m still hovering over 300 million, but I haven’t made back what I spent yet. Hammer Wing has seen some growth in the passed few days (Elite being on sale has helped)! The name has been updated to The Avenging Hammers – 113th Spaceflight Wing.

And we have a fancy new patch/logo!