I didn’t get any flying time yesterday but I was at least able to go pull the text files that EDMC creates for ship configurations and get Inara updated with how all my ships are configured.

Nothing Ventured

Nothing Gained

Untold Fortune

The Star Blaster

When I’m able to get back in the chair, I’m going to make my way back home and start grinding Federal Ranks again. I’m 70% of the way from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander and I’m going to push to have that done by the end of the weekend. After that, only 2 more ranks to go. I want to redouble efforts to get to the Corvette. So any solo time (not flying with The Avenging Hammers) will be spent doing missions. Probably a bunch of passenger transport missions since you can usually find several that have large rep increases. I’m feeling pretty good about money, still being north of 300 million, but unnecessary spending stops now too.

Most of this weekend’s work will be in The Star Blaster. I’ve thought about refitting Untold Fortune for passengers just so I could stack as many missions as possible, but the longer jump range in the Dolphin will probably be of more benefit? I’m not really sold on that. I may just use the Python to see how it does. The length of the jump range means I can do things faster, but a lot of that is negated every time I have to spend the 3-5 minutes it takes to get back to Olivas.

Thanks for hanging out with me this week!¬†We’ll see you back here Monday for this week’s playlist!

What you doing for the weekend?