Mission Log 42

I got EDMC set up yesterday and hooked it up to https://inara.cz/inara-api/. Basically what this does is it uses your Frontier credentials to pull data off of Frontier’s servers and port it over to your Inara profile to help you track and share stats. Here’s some specific examples:

Credits: This updated the first time I logged in and EDMC polled my info. I’m thinking this only runs at login as my credit balance did change throughout the course of the session but Inara only shows one entry. To help simplify things, I removed any manually entered values up to that point.

Mission Log: I really like this one. That’s a list of each mission I completed last night before joining up with Hammer Wing for some bounty hunting.

Flight Log: This shows you everywhere I went  in last night’s session. You can see I ended up in NGALIBA. That’s where we took our new players to get some coin to upgrade FSDs to make the gap between the staring system and Olivas.

So this is going to make it super easy to remember everything I did in a session! And it’ll be cool to track credit progress.

I have a lot of money.


Hammer Wing got into a RES last night and tore it up. Valthonis, Morluindil, Linefreeze (not in the screenshot yet), and myself teamed up to do some bounty hunting and raise some upgrade funds for Morluindil and Linefreeze who are new to the game. I had to end the session before we were able to really get into it but not before some shenanigans happened.

Morluindil and I were the first to the RES and started taking fools down. I was in Nothing Gained and Morluindil was in the starting Sidewinder. So I took lead instructing him to just tag them after I opened up and fall back while I finished them off. Sidewinder is squishy for a new pilot! I didn’t want to risk it. We got through a couple of wanted ships when I targeted an Imperial Courier. Morluindil reported that he was in position so I started my scan. In the middle of the scan, the Courier turned purple. Meaning he was engaged with a wing mate. I immediately opened up for fear of him turning on the greenhorn and managed to catch a wanted status because the scan wasn’t up. That seems to have turned the local security force on him and Valthonis, who had just gotten to the extraction site. I bugged out as soon as the Courier was down not thinking my status would affect my wing mates. But as I jumping, they started reporting that they were taking fire from the cops. So that sucks. Neither made it out. So the new pilots learned 2 lessons that night:

  • Wait for the lead to call weapons free before engaging
  • Dock at a station before going hunting
    • Morlundil and Valthonis had to travel back to the system from their respawn 2 jumps away.

That was the point I had to log off for the night. But the other three where soon joined by Gamercow and I hear they cleaned up. Nice work, nuggets!

Got any tips for new players? Leave them in the comments.


  1. Who you callin’ a nugget?

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