The grind to the Corvette continues. As of last night, I logged off with 100% toward the next Federation rank of Ensign. I couldn’t get the rank mission to pop but hopefully by tonight it’ll show up. Ensign nets you a permit to Ross 128 and the permission to buy a Federal Gunship. I’m not sure I’ll do that…but it would probably be the cheapest way to set myself up a way to try out Multi-crew (with a fighter hanger) and have something for the other player to do. Other than buying a Kneelback…but who would do that on purpose?

Money-wise, I’m doing pretty good at maintaining 250+ million. The cost of the Corvette is around 188 million. But even still, if I had the rank to buy it, I wouldn’t. Because I’m going to have to refit it, I’ll probably want to have at least double everything I have in the bank. Maybe even more than that. Those top tier class modules can cost the same as a small fleet by themselves. Let’s do a little config in

I’ve exported the configs to Inara to view them a little easier. Here’s the stock Corvette.¬†That’s what you get for 188 million and change.

Here’s what I would end up wanting to do. 593 million total. So 411 million, more than double the cost of the ship in modules. The power plant by itself is only 20 million less than the cost of the entire ship. The next highest is the Fuel Scoop (which I could downgrade considerably) at 92 million.

So yeah. I have¬†a lot of money right now. More than I’ve ever had in the game. But I’m still not close.

Once I hit the rank, which is still a good ways off, I’ll re-evaluate. Unless something impossible (Thargoids) happens, my bank account is only going to go up.

Check out this station I delivered some jerk to!

I feel like I’ve spent 3-4 weeks off from Elite. In that time, I’ve been playing Overwatch and The Division with hammer pals. Coming back to it and playing it all day yesterday was fun. I seem to do 1-2 week sprints of nothing else but Elite and drop off for a bit. I really want to get the Corvette up and running before PCs start taking the hits from Thargoids so I need to kick it up. I also need to start streaming again. The week I took off in July was a lot of fun and it was great to have friends come hang out in the stream. Seems that when I stream after work though, it’s a ghost town. And that may very well be because of the content. If it’s Elite, that’d have a much smaller share of viewers than something like Overwatch. Oh man…I need to play Subnautica too. That’s a fun game.

I may have a problem.

What are you playing?!?