This is fine.

You probably can’t see me even if you click to view the full image. But I’m right there in the center in the SRCV. I dropped down to this planet to pick up Arsenic to use in a recipe for FSD engineering mods. And I’ve found a bunch! Problem is….there was nowhere my ship could land to pick me up. I took a video of this spot to kind of give a sense of scale but ReLive botch the recording. I think it’s cause I had something else running at the same time. To the right…a long ways away, is the “bed” of the crater I was in. The crater wall was way too steep to climb back up and the planet’s gravity was a little on the heavy side, so there’s no flying out. It took me an hour to get to a smooth enough spot to call the ship.

I finally named my Dolphin!
The Star Blaster

She’s named after a ship in one of my favorite podcasts, The Adventure Zone. If you’ve never heard of it, hit the link and give them a listen. It’s one of the top shelf actual play podcasts and the DM, Griffin, is an amazing story teller. They started with D&D seem to be moving into Apocalypse World now.

The weekend was spent getting things together to start farming the FSD mods. I want to get The Star Blaster with a max jump range in order for it to be my main me courier. So like for CGs, I can take it to the destination point and transfer Untold Fortune (my Python, which has a much shorter range) to do the actual heavy lifting.

Speaking of my Python, I bought the ship kit for it! I really like how it changes the profile!





Here it is on a pad of a ringed world. I don’t think I’ve even set down on a ringed world till now. It’s beautiful.

And here’s three more screenshot of Elite being Elite:

The SRV situation got a little rocky HAHAHAHAHA….sorry….but it was still a really fun time. I’m going to try and mine a little more Arsenic before I start looking for the other components for the upgrade. The way Engineers works, is that you get the material competents together, and spend them for a chance to upgrade. The effects are pretty random…so you can roll the dice and get an amazing result….or not. I’d like to have enough stuff to roll the dice 5-10 times for each ship I want to mod. Right now it’s The Star BlasterUntold Fortune, and Nothing Gained (my FDL). I’m not sure if I’ll bother with Nothing Ventured (my Asp Explorer) since between the other three, I’m not using it all that much anymore.

Have you done any engineering on your ships? Give me the deets in the comments!

Fly safe, CMDRs.


UPDATE: I totally forgot to mention that I installed EDEngineer over the weekend! I updated the Data Dump page to include a little blurb. Here it is: – EDEngineer is a godsend if you’re farming for Engineering blueprints. It actually knows what’s in your inventory and keep track of things you’re looking for. It’ll even warn you when you’re getting at capacity so you don’t miss that scan data you’re looking for because your system is full. You can filter 100 different ways and create shopping lists. It even clues you in on where to find items.

just started using it but I can already see it’s going to be a big help in keeping track of all the bits I need to collect.