It’s a Birthday mission log! I turn 35 today. It’s been a great day! My wife got me Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 and my in-laws got me a 8G RX 580! Guys, I love that keyboard. It can do some amazing stuff. Like if you splash down in Kerbal Space Program, the keyboard starts to look like water. I got the green switches so it’s so clacky and wonderful. I love it. And with the new GPU, I’m running 60+ FPS in damn near everything! I’ve updated the About page to reflect my current build. I need to go through my game list. I think it might have changed some.

On to Elite updates!!!

I bought a Dolphin!

I was surprised that it was only a little under 2 million! But then I realized that it’s the smallest of the passenger liners. This ship is slick looking.

I kind of bought it just to see what it was like cause I was flushed with cash¬†from a Community Goal (more on that below). I dig it. I’m thinking it’s going to become my weekend Benz…

I’ve already forgotten what I named it. I may not have named it yet….As soon as I bought it I swapped back to my Python to go do some bounty hunting for a Community Goal.

Speaking of CGs, the bounty one I’m in right now had a sister that ended early. I kitting the Python for hauling freight and just went to town. By the time I joined it, it was already up to the 8th tier.

It just so happens that each run netted me nearly 1 million in profit. So I was up over 100 million in the bank before I even turned in the completion. So I’m sitting pretty money-wise again. This was a pretty amazing CG for me. A few more of these and I’ll up to the buy cost of the Corvette in no time. I still have a LONG way to go in grinding the ranks though.

How’s space treating you, Commander?