This weekend saw a good bit of flight time despite being pretty cold in the basement.

My new goal is a Federal Corvette. I’ll need 2 things for a Federal Corvette. A rank of Rear Admiral and a crap ton of money.

I abandoned that 17k light-year mission. Nuts too that. It’s just too boring doing long runs like that. So I self-destructed. I’d never done that before. It was pretty cool.

All weekend I took on Federation missions to start grinding out Federal Navy Ranks. Managed to make Cadet Sunday morning. As of tonight, I’m 67% of the way to the next level. After experiencing stringing together, one after the other, more missions that I’ve done…ever. I’m not seeing a lot of payout happening. I’d really love for the rank grinding to also payout a good bit. Because that’ll be less time between hitting the rank andĀ then grinding the money needed to buy the ship. So I think I’m going to switch to mainly Passenger contracts. I’m just not going to be seduced by those larger ones. I was able to complete 2 tonight for a total of around 2.6 million. The longest of the 2 was a little over 100 light years which is only 5 jumps. That’s MUCH more doable. Payouts for passenger contracts are a lot higher too, if you can keep them happy.

A bunch of the passenger missions have you return to the station you started from. But a couple have ended with a need to go planet side. The screencaps above are from one of those. It was a pretty awesome planet that was scarred with some deep canyons. When I landed to turn in the contract, I picked up a Scarab hangar and went for a little drive.

I need to remap my Scarab controls to the x52. It’s beenĀ that long since I took one out. That’s crazy.

Fly safe, CMDRs.