I done gone and messed up.


I’ve been hanging out near my home system of LHS 3505 helping some pals new to the game rack up some bounty money. Today, against my better judgement, I took a contract for a passenger trip for an ungodly distance of 17K light years away. Sure it paid out around 13 million. Sure it was for the Federal Navy (which is now important to me). And yeah, the passengers are low key, not important, and in no rush. But to get paid, I have to get out there and back. Rough math for this gives me a headache. 17K with a 2oLY jump range works out to 850 jumps. 1,700 jumps total….there and back. Average a minute (if you’re lucky) per jump…that’s about 28 hours. Total time to complete is two weeks…so that’s not the issue. The issue is that it’s SOOOOOO boring. Jump. Honk. Jump. Honk. Jump. Honk. Fuel Scoop. Jump. Honk.

I’m not really sure what I was thinking. Especially when I have pals that are playing with me fairly regularly. I guess it was that pay off. Even though I’ve been making decent money bounty hunting in the FDL….

Part of my drive for fast money is due to wanting to be in a Federal Corvette. Which is why the fact that it was a Federal Navy job made it even better. But I can rank up closer to home just as easy. If not faster cause I can complete more missions back to back than just this long one over the course of 2 weeks….

I’m thinking I might just point myself at the next sun I drop at and let my ship slowly dive into the blissful nothingness of becoming fused at an atomic level. Typing that out, I’m thinking it’s maybe not all that blissful. But if you’re going to go out…that seems like as good a way as any…

Fly safe, CMDRs.