Well this mission log makes upĀ for the last one in SPADES!!

For starters, I streamed the session. Don’t really think anyone was watching…but I streamed it none the less! When I do it again, watch my twitter for the announcement. Or, you can find and follow me on twitch.tv/kameco.

Bounties was the name of the game tonight and while there were some lulls in the fights, I managed to make off with over 232K in profit! AND NO DEATHS!!! I played it smarter. No big ships (unless other NPCs were fighting it too) and no wanted ships with 2 other wing mates.

If I can stick to those rules, I might just make it in this topsy turvy universe.

Snapped this waiting for more contacts to show up at the Nav Buoy.

Click to Enlarge

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And check out what showed up!!! It’s not a great pic…but every time I got close to it, I was afraid of running into it.


That’s a Fer-de-Lance! That’s the the fundraising goal at the bottom of the site is for. 481,401 credits down…many, many millions yet to go.