There was a community goal. A station named Jaques needed supplied desperately. I come out of a looooooong hiatus of Elite and decide to go for it. Joined it when it was nearly over. Jaques is unfathomably far from the bubble. Most everyone that took this journey was flying for 20s of hours to make it. Often losing cargo along the way from all the natural hazards of space. I flew for 2 hours straight. Honk, scoop, and high wake to the next system. I got 1000 light years away from the bubble. It was the furthest I’d ever been from civilization. I called it a night. I suspected I wouldn’t make it there before the goal was met. I was right. In the middle of the night, it ended. I wasn’t even a quarter of the way there.


The scale of this game just astonishes me. Probably rivaled¬†only by No Man’s Sky…which I just started playing today. I haven’t gotten the chance to really experience but two systems in No Man’s Sky but man…I expect it to be massive.

So I turned around. I wasn’t outfitted to make a journey like that. It’s very likely if I’d kept going I would have only gotten maybe have way before getting myself blown up. I’ve made my way to a system in the bubble that had a community goal for turning in bounties. But I doubt I’ll be getting back to Elite before it’s over. I may see if I can jump on there just long enough to turn in what I’ve collected.

Until then, here are some screens!