It’s been mostly hunting and cashing in bounties. But even though I’m staying in the same system and only venturing out when I have to cash in for Alliance bounties, it doesn’t mean I’m stuck in monotony. I mean look at this view every time I pull into an RES.


For the first time since buying the Asp, I’ve gotten my bankroll back to where it was when I bought it. I don’t have the Asp upgraded to the nines like my Viper, but I’m not sure I’m willing to take it past the next to the last level. Simply because it would be so expensive. From where I am, the next level components average 5 mil. I mean really, I’m not sure I see the merit of topping it off. At this point the only thing that I really can’t take on solo is an Anaconda. Pythons are tricky based on their skill level. Wings can be problematic, but no amount of upgrades will mod the ship enough to be able to engage more than one target at a time.

Photo dump!

I bought bobbles!