Greetings, Starfighter!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty slow progress for me as far as getting the Asp upgraded to be the Apex Predator it can be. Between work and being sick, I haven’t gotten a lot of time in the black. But last night afforded me the opportunity to make some cash. I’m just north of 5.6 million again and looking to upgrade my either thrusters or shields first.

The other part of last week was spent helping induct a new comer and latest Hammer Wing member, Thorby, to the game. Thorby was still in his starting Sidewinder (he’s upgraded all the way to a Cobra at the time of this post!) and was having trouble getting to LHS 3505. His jump max was 7ly and the Galaxy Map wasn’t able to plot him a course. I flew out to him to try and plot a course of short jumps. That didn’t work out so well. We got maybe 7 jumps (took me 4 to get to him) before there was no where to go but the route we’d taken back. This afforded me the opportunity to learn how refueling works! I bought a fuel limpet controller and had to refuel my wing-mate’s ship a couple of times in the journey.

It’s super simple. Buy the controller. Buy some limpets. Assign a fire group. Target the ship. Fire. One limpet put him back to nearly full. I’m sure the more tanks you have the less it refills. I probably overbought on the limpets when I filled my cargo hold with them. In fact, I was surprised last night while bounty hunting when I would be scanned and immediately fired upon by pirates. Turns out they see that as cargo worth stealing! Need to figure out how to offload that. Maybe make some money back from it.

Anyway, no amount of refueling can fix needing to make a 12ly jump with a 7ly drive. Luckily the system we got stuck in had a Nav Beacon near the primary star. We dropped out and started racking up some bounties. I don’t want to brag….but we got him a good chunk of money in a short amount of time with me flying by him. He was able to fly to a station to upgrade his FSD after 4-5 bounties. And then it was only a matter of making the remaining jumps.

Here he is safe and sound, docking at Olivas City.

Now Thorby is out there killing it and flying a boss Cobra. Likewise, Gamercow from a few posts back is taking charge of whatever space he’s flying in as well.

Which just proves my point that Hammer Gamers are capable warriors that should be respected and feared in equal parts.

Hammer Wing Commander Valthonis clued me into a pretty awesome site that helps you chronicle your current stats and achievements. I’ll be adding it to the Data Dump page.

Here’s a link to my page! You can even do little forum signatures.