Mission Log 21

Business as usual!

The weekend was half productive. Half set back….So 0 net? That can’t be right. Cause I’m up near 9 mil. BALLA

I lost my ship a few times this weekend. But overall it was still more money in the fund for the Fer-de-Lance. I also got to fly with CMDRs Valthonis and Kadak (separately).

Here’s CMDR Valthonis just after he gave me the bird….while inverted.

And here he is performing a flawless docking procedure. Like…for real…dude can fly.

Valthonis and I were hunting in an RES in a beautiful ringed planet.

I’d built up a sizable unclaimed bounty amount for the Alliance. So between hunting sessions, I jumped out to LHS 3356 which had an Alliance aligned stations. Thanks to Valthonis for doing the leg work in finding the system! Would have taken me a good while clicking around the Galaxy Map. He found it on a website. I need to remember to get that URL from him (UPDATE: If you missed it in the comments, this is the URL http://elitetradingtool.co.uk/

I logged off after turning in the bounties. When i got back on the day after, Kadak shot me a message and I told him I’d meet him in LHS 3505. I’m really liking 3505 as a hunting ground. There are several types of RES sites within a short distance of a full service station. It’ll come in handy when canopies blow out. I could probably downgrade my life support system and save a little on my power draw. Right now I can fly for 25 minutes when the canopy fails. I won’t need all that time in LHS 3505 and  I’m having to manage modules to keep the power draw below 100% when deployed. There have been a couple of times when I’ve overdrawn and when that happens, basically everything shuts down. I had to reboot while under fire. That was a nail biting moment.

Flying with friends is a lot of fun. It’s nice to know that when you’re shields fail, you can pull your wing-mate off their target to help take your pursuer off you. It’s also fun to watch them loop around for a strafing run only to slam right into an asteroid. I laughed at Kadak for 10 minutes…cause I’ve never done anything like that…


Fly safe, CMDRs.

If you missed it in the comments, this is the URL that Valthonis used to find an Alliance aligned station: http://elitetradingtool.co.uk/


  1. Always a fun time to fly with you, NotAnNPC. And thanks for the kind words on my flying chops; I’ve been playing flight sims since I was 8 y.o., and got my pilot’s license when I was 17. As you can imagine, Elite is a dream come true for me.

  2. Oh, also: this is what you’re looking for.


    Click “Search” and you can find systems and stations by allegiance, services, factions, etc. within a given range of your current location.

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