Hey, we’re up to 20!

This weekend wasn’t supposed to be an Elite weekend. I was supposed to take the weekend off to prevent some burn out. Now, I’m not terribly worried about burn out. I love this game but I also need to realize that there’s more than just Elite, so I was going to just build stuff in Cities: Sklylines all weekend. That all changed Sunday night when I noticed some folks in the Hammer Gaming Discord channel, showing a status of playing Elite Dangerous…


So I’m in a wing of 4 (the third one had to drop out for a second). But i really took this screen cap for the ringed planet that you can see through the rings of another ringed planet. 

Let me tell you…hopping online and flying with them not only prevented nay hint of burn out, but basically made me want to quit my job and fly thought space forever.

Bounties are split between the wing so your normal take for any one bounty is lower, but the volume of bounties you’re able to take on because you have wing mates is ridiculous. I pulled in over a million in that hour. AND I got to have fun with actual folks I know. I’m really glad I noticed them when I did and I hope to get many more chances to fly with them in the future. The Hammer Gaming community is a great group of people. I’ve talked about them before and I’ll continue to do so. They’re super nice nerds and pretty amazing pilots!

Here are some screens of the Scarab I forgot I had!

Fly safe, Cmdrs.