I bought a domain for the site! cmdrmatt.space.


Last night was a disgrace. It was a humbling reminder of just how space can turn on you.

Space and NPCs. Mostly NPCs. I can’t really blame space for how bad I did last night.

I’m talking like I lost it all. In truth it was a couple hundred thousand to cover the cost of re-buying the Viper twice. The thing that grinds my gears is that both times I died, I was sitting on over 250K in unclaimed bounties.

The other thing that grinds my gears is that when I look back on it, there were moments in both deaths where I had the┬áchance to disengage and head back for repairs…and claim over 250K in bounties… Both times I said no and turned back to continue the fight. The first one was because I took on a wing of three by mistake. The second I was near victory, but I ran into an Imperial Clipper that I swear came out of nowhere. After I re-spawned from that one I just took a deep breath and logged off.

I know I’ve gotten better as a combat pilot. I’ve logged a lot of kills for NPCs that are (supposedly) out of my league. I know I have a top notch ship with a high end load-out. I’ve put some decent money into that Viper. But there are still nights where the game reminds me that it’s not all chocolates and sunshine in space. And I think this is a good thing…

I mean if I could hop into the game and make enough money to buy a ship that could take out anything that came up against it, the game would be over when I got that ship. I know there are ships out there that are more powerful than mine, but even those will have their limitations. An Anaconda is a beast. But up against 5 other ships? You better be a good pilot and know what to do.

What I’m getting at is that there’s more to this game than just buying a better ship. And there’s more to it that just bounty hunting, too. There are a bunch of other way to progress in the game that I’ll eventually get to. Things like trading, mining, and exploring.

I might take a breather from Elite tonight. I’m not sure. I’ve put a good number of hours into it since I got Horizons. I might stream some Cities: Skylines.

Speaking of…if you read this blog and you’ve become interested in getting the game, now is a good time to do it! As of this posting, Steam’s Chinese New Year Sale┬áhas the base game at $15 U.S. and Horizons at $30 U.S. for the next 20 or so hours. I’ve never seen the base game discounted that much and this is the first time I’ve seen Horizons discounted.

Clearly I highly recommend buying.

You’ll notice I didn’t post any screenshots for this one. That’s what happens when I suck. I forget to hit F12. It’s a weird condition.