I’m getting better and better at driving.

I spent some more time in the SRV last night, playing with keybindings and practicing maneuvers. The planet I’m on in the pic above has some really steep craters to practice on. I’ve changed the throttle from continuous to incremental so I have better control over stopping. I also mapped a key to the vertical thrusters. AND I mapped pitch and roll to the joystick. So I can almost fly this thing. I need to get some video of this because watching me jump a crater is a lot cooler than me telling you I jumped a crater.

I’m going to continue messing around with SRV controls because I want to be able to handle my own when completing a mission.

Also found out you can shoot your own ship.

But probably one of the coolest things is dismissing and recalling. When you dismiss your ship, it takes off on it’s own and heads to orbit!

Recalling brings it back to your location!

It landed so far away because I was in a super rocky section with not a lot of level ground.

I have to say…it’s really cool to see your ship flying around. It’s kind of like seeing someone else driving your car…that may just be me…

I also got some work done last night and also ranked up in combat!

Fly safe, guys!