There and back again.


Well…there at least. Back again comes next.

I had accumulated a good bit of unclaimed bounties for the Alliance and Empire. The problem is I had trouble finding any stations affiliated with those factions. So I had to take a road trip. I left Aura and made my way to Lave where I found an Alliance affiliated station. Then I made my way to Chujohimba for the Imperial spot. No I’m not making that name up…

The journey didn’t seem like it took all that long but I appear to be quite a distance from Aura. I think it might be the way my Galaxy Map’s “GPS” has me routed. I might try tracking back along the same route manually to get back to Aura. I found a compromised nav beacon en route to Lave. I want to check that out.

So tune in to the next post where I chronicle how I got lost and spent 4 hours going the wrong way! Hashtag: Ask for directions.

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