I’ve been flying around looking for quick money. And I found it in a Hazardous Resource Extraction site.

I get what they mean when they say Hazardous… My first run, I made a goodly sum of money but my then I ran into some trouble.

I almost didn’t make it out of that one.

Then I went back. Got my total up to a level where I should have said,

“Hey, Commander. This is a good bit of money. Maybe you should go ahead and cash in these bounties?”

Then I saw an Anaconda that was wanted. I didn’t attack at first. I waited till a few other NPCs got in on it too.

I didn’t notice him wipe them all out. And when I did, I didn’t adhere to my rule. SO NATURALLY…I died. I had so many chances to get away. I just kept coming back. He was down to 8% on hull and I was at 3. I should have known better.

When I respawned from that death I pretty much just shut down the game and walked away in shame. Because I’m dumb.

In other news, Steam has a sale going and it includes the Horizons season pass so I picked it up on the cheap! Tune in for the next post where I crash land on a planet!!