Before we get into where I am in the game I want to take a astrosecond to answer the most commonly asked question I get about no Man’s Sky: “Should I buy it?”

I’ve never really felt comfortable recommending games. Chiefly because if they spend their money on it and don’t like it, I’d feel responsible. I supposed that’s part of the reason I’ve never really done “reviews” of a game on here, rather than just talk about my experience.

I think Sean Murray summed up his own game perfectly.

“It’s a niche game and it’s a very very chill game.”

I’m very much in the niche for this game. It’s got space, crafting, collecting, exploration, and it’s a gorgeous game. It’s not aimless but the goal is not oppressive. I’m 20+ hours in and I haven’t really advanced all that much. I’ve made personal advances and gains, but I’ve not progressed the main narrative. Whenever I start to consider leaving a planet for the next one, I end up finding something shiny that keeps me there. That would drive some people insane. But not me. Very very chill game.

Now I’m not a fan boy. Yes I’m enjoying the game a lot. But there’s a lot I’d like to see change. Some bugs and game crashes

That said, I encourage you to check out some streams or let’s plays. I don’t think you have to worry about spoiling anything. We all know the goal is to get to the center of the Universe. How you do that is completely up to you. I’d say the only thing that could be “spoiled” is figuring out how to do things. I’ve saved everything I’ve streamed out to a Youtube playlist. Go check it out and see if it’s something you’d enjoy! Don’t trust reviews or the subreddit. Make your own call with much needed info. Warning. I mumble a lot.

No empty slots

So like I said above, I haven’t gotten that much closer to the center of the galaxy. But I’ve been productive with that 20+ hours in the game. I’ve discovered a lot and boosted my character and ship quite a bit. I’m in a good position to really start space treking. But I’m in no hurry. There’s so much to see.

Also, I think I may have to backtrack a bit to my starting planet. I still don’t have an Atlas Pass recipe. Looking online, I seem to have missed the part where you first get one. So I think I may just jump back a few systems and see if something triggers it again. If not, I guess I’ll keep going and hope there are more opportunities further down the space road.

I’ve named 3 planets. One Sanctuary, which is the first planet I’ve encountered that didn’t have a 24/7 hazardous environment. Treasure Planet, with huge mineral deposits, and R. Which was supposed to be named after a twitter friend of mine…but I hit the wrong button. So now I have to find a new planet that merits the glory of RAMDU.

I’ve exported all my screenshots from the PS4 and thrown them on Imgur.

Are you playing too? Tell me what you got going on in the comments!