Here’s a list…

of resources I’ve found to help me understand some of the more nuanced aspects of Elite Dangerous. This game had a steep learning curve for me. Hopefully this’ll help you figure out how to play the game a little smarter. It’s meant for new folks and those of us that (somewhat) already have our space legs. I’ll be sure to update it whenever I find anything new! I’ll also be looking to add some getting started tutorials for brand new Commanders. – Inara is basically my most visited site in the entirety of the internet. It lets you document your current ships and pilot status and rankings. It also allows you to journal your achievements and dealings within the game. It essentially works like a pilots log. It goes pretty deep into integration and offers a good centralized location on sharing your current world within the game. Its commodity market data is essential to finding the best price for any given trade and is updated in near real time as other commanders visit stations and sell their wares. The crafting lists give you a tight run down of what materials you have and don’t have for engineering and what materials you can trade while keeping what you need for something else in reserves. It really is just an amazing site/tool. I guarantee if you’re not using it, you’re not progressing as fast as you can. When Frontier integration, you don’t need a 3rd party app to read your player data and upload it anymore but I’d still recommend one just cause they’re cool. – This is a no brainer. The adds are annoying but it’s a quick way to get a definition on damn near anything that’s confusing you. How do Limpets work? What does Fuel Scooping do and how do I do it? – This site lists all the current ships and all the details about them you could image. What’s more, you can go into a specific ship and configure the load out to what you’d want to build and see what it’s going to cost you, what doesn’t work, and the effect each module would have on performance. Handy when you have a thought about a configuration at work and can’t get in the game. Also if you’re at a station that has limited outfitting options. – A while back I needed to find an Alliance aligned station to cash in some bounties. Valthonis pointed me to this site. I could spend some time looking in the Galaxy Map for Alliance controlled systems within the Power Play, or I could type in my location and get a list of everything with a certain distance. The site proved to be a lot quicker. He sent me a system name before I even got close to it on the map. – This shows you a bunch of different options for trading. You can set your source and your destination and then it’ll suggest what to buy and sell along the way. You can also say you want to loop your destination and it’ll give you those options too. It’s also a quick way to look up how much a commodity costs at any given station. – This application allows you to speak voice commands to your games. The free version lets you have up to 21 commands but for 8 bucks you can get a license and sit back and tell your computer what to do. Pair this with importable profiles and voice packs, it add an entirely new element for the game. You can get a quick 15 minute demo of me using it here! Pair this with HCS Voice Packs and you have an extensive suite of voice commands and responses that make it feel like you have an actual AI co-pilot. Who doesn’t want to hear Q and Data say swears? – EDEngineer is a godsend if you’re farming for Engineering blueprints. It actually knows what’s in your inventory and keep track of things you’re looking for. It’ll even warn you when you’re getting at capacity so you don’t miss that scan data you’re looking for because your system is full. You can filter 100 different ways and create shopping lists. It even clues you in on where to find items.

ED Discovery – This reads data from your Frontier profile and player journal and sends it to other 3rd party sites and applications like Inara or EDSM. You can link you Inara profile with it and Inara will automatically update with live info including your credits, mission logs, and fleet. It’s pretty slick and takes A LOT of the manual updating for Inara out of the picture. You can also output to other 3rd party services to help keep galactic info current if that’s your jam.

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